Savings and Support

Savings and Support


Biocon BiologicsTM offers a savings program for SEMGLEE and Insulin Glargine (insulin glargine-yfgn) injection. These savings cards help eligible patients who have commercial health insurance save on out-of-pocket costs.


Savings Card

This savings card is not available to uninsured patients or patients
who are covered by a state or federal funded healthcare program.
Restrictions apply. Please see full terms and conditions here.

The SEMGLEE Savings Card:  

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    Eligible patients with commercial health insurance may pay as little as $0 up to $94 per 30-day for SEMGLEE or Insulin Glargine (insulin glargine-yfgn). Savings may vary depending upon your out-of-pocket costs.  
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    Print the offer from your computer or save it to your smartphone, and simply present it to your pharmacist each time you drop off or refill your prescription.

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  • Patients without insurance coverage for their SEMGLEE or Insulin Glargine (insulin glargine-yfgn) prescription who cannot afford their medication might be eligible to receive their medication free of charge (subject to eligibility criteria)
  • The Continuing Need State Insulin Program (administered through the Biocon Biologics Patient Assistance Program) provides SEMGLEE or Insulin Glargine (insulin glargine-yfgn) to eligible patients for up to 12 months during the patient’s enrollment in the Program (eligibility and restrictions apply as required by the applicable State Insulin Affordability/Safety Net Program law). For more information on the Continuing Need State Insulin Program, click here and select your applicable insulin product from the Patient Assistance Program Medicines drop down menu to obtain an application
  • For more information on patient assistance resources, contact Biocon Biologics at 1-844-BBIOCON (1-844-224-6266)
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Since 2013, the list prices of some insulins have skyrocketed in the United States. People who do not have health insurance, or those who are on high-deductible insurance plans, may have to pay out-of-pocket costs up to $1,000 for a one-month supply of insulin.2

There are many organizations with a mission to help patients and caregivers affected by diabetes.

Scroll down to learn more about two of them, and Beyond Type 1, which may help you connect with outreach programs, community platforms, and financial assistance options.2


  • Globe Icon with PeopleBeyond Type 1 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing what it means to live with diabetes through its platforms, programs, and helpful resources.3
  • Hand Icon with Blood Glucose Monitor and Test StripFounded in 2015 with a focus on education, advocacy, and the path to a cure for type 1 diabetes, Beyond Type 1 has grown to also include programs for those with type 2 diabetes. A new model of philanthropy, Beyond Type 1 aims to change what it means to live with this chronic condition.3
  • Network of PeopleBeyond Type 1 is also devoted to connecting people with diabetes to assistance programs and to low-cost solutions that match every unique situation.3

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  • Image of Insulin Syringe and Pre-filled connects people with diabetes in the United States to affordable insulin options that match all unique circumstances. This app is an important tool for people who need help paying for their insulin, regardless of the medication brand.2
  • Image of Q and A SymbolUsers only need to answer a few simple questions (such as location, insurance type, income, and prescription), to access customized action plans and financial solutions.2
  • United States IconApp content in the site is available in both English and Spanish and is tailored specifically to people with diabetes in the United States.2

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